To the people at eFoodDepot,                                                                          Nov. 7th, 2009


We, here at Thi[NK] North Korea, cannot fully express our gratitude for your generosity. We wanted to sell Pepero and Pocky on Pepero Day (11/11) for a fundraiser to support the EugeneBell Foundation, which sends tuberculosis medicine to North Korea. Because these patients in North Korea have no way of getting medicine without our help, we were desperate to raise as much money as we could. However, we found it very difficult to obtain these Asian snack items at a good rate, before working with you.

You have been so helpful and kind throughout the entire process—from responding quickly to our concerns to offering us a rate at which we know you will be losing money in order to support this cause. You paid attention to every single detail from shipping to free gifts. We are also honored to have become an eFoodDepot affiliate.

One letter cannot sum up just how we were touched by your generosity. We thank you again. And thanks to you, our fundraiser was a tremendous success, and we would like you to know that you have played a large hand in saving the lives of fifteen tuberculosis patients in North Korea.

We look forward to working with you in the future as well.


Most sincerely,

Arin Kim, on behalf of Thi[NK] North Korea at Yale University