Shopping Methods at EfoodDepot.com

At EfoodDepot.com we offer you choices. That includes how you shop. We offer 2 shopping options to give the best shopping experience for our customers.

Flat Rate - Grocery Shopping

You can shop over 15000 items.

* Additional weight surcharge may apply. see http://www.efooddepot.com/shippingpolicy.html)


Our MarketplaceŽis comprised of distributors, small home industries, and individuals. The item(s) that you buy from MarketplaceŽ is sold and ship by third party vendors under our strict guidelines.

Convenience Packaging

For selective products, we provide Convenience Packaging option. It is designed for customers who would like to buy a single unit/single item with minimal amount of shipping cost. Pricing in this section is generally lower than the flat rate option due to the fact that we do not have to subsidize for shipping.

Please note Convenience Packaging is currently only available for shipping within United States

Please note that you may also buy from all sections at the same time. We will calculate pricing and shipping charges accordingly.