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Online grocery shopping with has never been easier. We offer groceries from all over the world!

We also ship to APO/FPO addresses.

Buy your groceries securely online with ease of mind at

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Saving 101 offers Value, Saving and Convenience. Saving 101 provides you more inside info on how you can achieve the BEST out of your shopping experience with us.
Save on Shipping
We offer subsidized shipping when you purchase more.

You might be charged extra weight surcharges, donít worry! We subsidize the surcharges based on the amount you purchase. The more you buy the less shipping and fees you pay or eventually FREE!

Buy in Bulk
We value our customers buying more than 1 unit of the similar product, unlike your neighborhood Supermarket or Grocery store, the price of 1 unit and 6 units have no difference. At at least you will save 5% by buying more than 1 unit and save up to 30% buy buying in Bulk, so Stock Them Up!
Convenience Packaging
We repack certain permissible products into smaller quantity. This is to help our customer to prevent Wastage and Save Money. Why would you buy 20 Pound of rice if you only eat rice once a month and it will take years to finish the 20 Lbs rice? Why spend $5 for a pack of instant coffee when you donít even know what it tastes like? Pay More? Save a whole lot more!
On Sale
Our on sales section has triple reasons for us to do so;
A. to help our vendors to promote their products.
B. to reduce our inventory, so our warehouse can house more varieties.
C. gives our customers Extra Saving!
Instant Saving
Purchase of more than $75 and you are automatically eligible to get instant saving of 20% from our exclusive categories; Japan Center, General Store, Wine & Spirit Accessories, so shop the groceries before shopping the Exclusive category, the more you buy the more you save.
Tax Saving
Some states have free sales tax on grocery items, but most of them arenít. On average you will be saving around 7% to 9% on sales tax. By buying from you are actually save yourself almost $300 in sales tax assuming you spend $300 per month in your groceries and household items. Itís almost One Month FREE Groceries!
Time Saving
The amount of time you are going to spend to drive and shop will almost cost you 25% of your groceries amount, donít believe it? Check our Saving Calculator Old saying goes Time is Money!
Since the dot com started, no one has provided the convenience to shop the worldís groceries from so many countries, so many selections, so many products, in one market place. Shop from the comfort of your home 24/7 and deliver to your door steps.

At, we strive to provide you with the most complete selections, size and competitive pricing. offers the best value and saving to our customers. On yearly basis our customers will be able to save an average of $1200 per year, not counting the convenience we offers and the accessibility of the products.

($1200 saving is based on $3600 spent on groceries and household products purchased per year along with tax and time saving considerations)